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My rings are truly by special order and are not in stock. While some designs that are pictured here can be made on demand, where a ring and my creativity and craftsmanship really come alive is when a vision of your own is realized.

You can review the process of custom ordering and consider the reality of a unique, personal ring. Whether for engagement, commitment, special occasion, commemoration, or just to give yourself a gift, a ring can be a statement that can be worn and enjoyed daily for life. Write to me with an idea of what you want.

Some examples of my ring designs:
Angle Rings
Angle Rings
Angle Rings This pair of white gold rings coordinate perfectly without matching identically. The width varies for comfort. The off-center settings enhance the drama of the diamonds. 14 kt. white gold and diamonds. This was a custom design.
Dome Ring - One of a kind

Dome Rings
Dome Ring The classic dome ring is produced in slender white gold with a lattice grid of half-point diamonds in a balanced and comfortable shape. It is a striking accent piece that retains a lightness of form. Available by special order.
Lapis Lazuli and 14 karat Gold Ring
Angle Rings
Lapis Triple Crown Ring This is a completely handmade ring with a large, important piece of lapis lazuli set in 14 kt. gold. Available by special order.
Rutilated Quartz Ring with Rhodolite Garnets and 14 kt. white gold
Rutilated Quartz Ring with Rhodolite Garnets and 14 kt. white gold
Rutilated Quartz Ring The uniqueness and drama of a piece of rutilated quartz makes an outstanding ring and statement piece. This ring was made for a gemologist friend. The large piece of rutilated quartz is offset by pairs of rhodolite garnets. The stone is set in 14 kt. white gold which is shaped into a double band that forms the ring body.